DEE-Ltd driving the development of narrow leaning vehicles

DEE-Ltd driving the development of narrow leaning vehicles

30th November 2020

In partnership with Stryker Designs Ltd, DEE-Ltd (Development Engineering and Enterprise) has completed the initial stage of their Narrow Leaning Vehicle (NLV) programme. Further work is now planned to help accelerate the production of zero emission concept demonstrator vehicles.

The widespread introduction of NLVs presents a wonderful opportunity to improve urban emissions. If electric NLVs were to replace just 10% of peak time vehicles it is estimated that local emissions would fall by 35%.

But it’s not just during operation that NLVs can help achieve the goal of a zero emission future. Studies suggest that between 0.4 and 0.72 tonnes of CO2 are generated during the manufacture of each vehicle. A vehicle half the size of current passenger cars could help to reduce these production emissions by 50%.

A lighter construction and smaller frontal area also serves to improve overall operating efficiencies. Smaller vehicles also require fewer batteries and smaller electric motors to achieve equivalent range and speeds. Smaller quantities of precious materials, less expensive components, reduced cost of purchase and ownership.

Despite the well-publicised benefits of NLVs, they have not yet achieved commercial success. Technical limitations in the implementation of leaning, steering, and suspension ride and handling have reduced the appeal of previous NLVs. Those that have reached production have been too expensive due to complex drives and controls. The solution developed by DEE-Ltd seeks to resolve these technical limitations and produce a cost effective vehicle that has the agility of a motorbike whilst retaining the ergonomics and comfort of a modern passenger car.