Lets Go Racing - DEE-Ltd appointed WHR Devices MP6 European Distributor

Lets Go Racing - DEE-Ltd appointed WHR Devices MP6 European Distributor

11th August 2015

DEE-Ltd (Development Engineering and Enterprise) is happy to announce the launch of a new venture which sees the engineering specialist team up with Australian Simulator manufacturer WHR Devices. DEE–Ltd has become the European distributor for the MP6 Full Motion Platform, which provides full 6 degree of freedom motion for a variety of vehicle simulation applications.

The Warwickshire based company introduced the simulator at the recent 750 Motor Club Summer Endurance Cup, held at Snetterton circuit in Norfolk. Simulator Applications Manager Nathan Poole teamed up with Stan Stulpa from The Online Racing Association to race alongside the regular competitors, racing a “virtual” Renault Clio Cup Car in real time, using the MP6 Motion Platform to provide realistic driver feedback.

“The quality and realism of the track and car graphics coupled with the simulated lateral, longitudinal, pitch & yaw movements that the simulator produces, provide the driver with an incredibly realistic experience”, commented Poole.

The team were able to lap the virtual Snetterton circuit in a time comparable to the real competitors on track, and during the race were faced with realistic tyre wear and pit stop strategy issues, mirroring events on track.

“The MP6 motion platform is a very versatile tool” Continued Poole. “The motion control software enables us to tailor the experience to suit the user, so that we can accommodate everyone from beginner to professional driver”.

The platform uses a unique, patented balance design that keeps the cost of the unit well below that of comparable existing 6 degree of freedom platforms. A broad range of software options are available that include motorsport, emergency vehicle training, military vehicle and aircraft simulation packages.