WHIPPET TATV (Tactical All Terrain Vehicle) was specifically designed
to be carried by the V22 OSPREY helicopter for forward military deployment . It is suitable for use in high altitude and mountainous terrain, highly adaptable with the ability to carry out a multitude of roles:

• Casualty Evacuation • Engineer / EOD vehicle
• Logistics / Mule • Humanitarian Aid

Whippet is designed to be used for very robust operations within remote and developing countries.
It provides high levels of off road mobility across rough and hostile terrain with a high degree of
speed and agility.

The large payload area can carry 900 kgs or two general service stretchers. The underside of the vehicle is protected by a large underbelly blast skid plate.

Whippet is one of a group of vehicles which uses a majority of identical component parts, therefore reducing the whole life costs of the vehicles. The Whippet is available in single dual seat configurations.

Length: 3060mm
Width: 1510mm
Height: 1600mm
Wheel Base: 2300mm
Turning Circle: 7.6M Kerb to Kerb

Dry Weight: 780kg
Towing Load: 1.7 tonne
Payload: 900kg
Fuel: 24 Litre Tank

Engine: 1000cc Diesel
Transmission: Automatic V-Belt CVT, High/Low Gear Box, 4×4, 4×2 Wheel Drive combination, Rear Differetial Lock

Suspension & Steering
Front: Double Wishbone, 8” Wheel Travel with adjustable dual coilover springs, gas/hydraulic shocks.
Rear: Trail Arm, 8” Wheel Travel with adjustable dual coilover springs, gas/hydraulic shocks.
Steering: Rack and Pinion. 2.25 Turn Lock to Lock
Brakes: Disc Brakes all round
Tyres: 4 × 215/75/R15