DINGO ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) is a 6×6 Airborne, High Mobility Light Strike Vehicle designed to meet the growing demand from Rapid Deployment Forces (RDF) that is
capable of operating behind enemy lines.

Like the Desert Raider on which it is based, Dingo is of 6×6 configuration, with selectable locking differentials and an amazing rear suspension design. The patented 4-wheel tandem suspension system gives the Dingo incredible articulation across particularly rough terrain. The front suspension utilises double A-Arms with long travel double coil-over shock absorbers, while the rear suspension incorporates three coil-over shock absorbers each side in conjunction with the 4-wheel tandem suspension system.

Length: 3860mm
Width: 2000mm
Height: 1850mm (1350mm with foldable protection bar)
Ground Clearance: 390mm
Fording: 700mm
Approach Angle: 90°
Departure Angle: 90°

Dry Weight: 1600kg
Payload: 2000kg
Fuel: 2 × 50 Litres (Range 800kms)

Engine: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic 4+1, Four Wheel Drive

Front: Double A Arm + 2 Gas Shock Absorbers and Coil Springs
Rear: Patented 4 Wheel Tandem Suspension Gas Shock Absorbers and Coil Springs
Tyres: 6 × 235/75/R15