DEE-Ltd Introduces Toyota Engines & Powertrain Packages For Industrial Applications

DEE-Ltd Introduces Toyota Engines & Powertrain Packages For Industrial Applications

December 12th, 2012

Development Engineering & Enterprise Limited (DEE-Ltd) which imports and distributes Toyota engines for the aftermarket, is to offer a range of diesel and gasoline units specifically tailored and re-mapped for industrial applications.

The move follows an in-depth international study of the market and likely future trends in the demand for compact, mid-range gasoline and diesel engines for industrial applications. The study also analysed future power requirements, including hybrid and fuel options across a number of sectors such as pumps, generators, mobile plant and airfield ground services equipment, where it believes that its small, clean and green low emission petrol variants and high torque output fuel-efficient diesels will appeal.

DEE-Ltd Managing Director, Neil McAdam says, “There is an important area of the market which wants light, compact dimensioned engines and our range of Toyota units precisely fit that requirement. There is an abundance of very small engines – and some big global players who dominate the larger end of the spectrum – but there are some big gaps in availability in the middle, where we believe the legendary reliability associated with the Toyota units worldwide will make them the power unit of choice”.

DEE-Ltd has selected a range of suitable naturally aspirated and turbocharged, in-line 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder, V6 and V8 engine configurations to offer from Toyota’s massive global production list. It includes 34 gasoline engines ranging from 51kW to 284kW in standard form – and 12 efficient diesel engines ranging from 66kW to 210kW, 11 if which are in the sub 150kW category.

The petrol range includes multiple award winning 1.0L Yaris engine, winner of sub 1.0L category Engine Of The Year 2008,2009 & 2010, whilst the diesels are all at least Euro IV compliant, with Euro V possible on most. DEE-Ltd also offers power upgrades, ECU re-mapping and installation support on all its engines.

Lightweight aluminium cylinder blocks on most engines offer high installed efficiency and all units are supplied fully dressed. In addition, DEE-Ltd will supply both diesel and petrol variants, pre-calibrated and supported by engine management systems to match individual applications. “Critically, we will want the end user to give us very precise operating data so that we can map engine performance to deliver a specific power requirement”, says Neil McAdam.

To complete fully matched powertrain packages, DEE-Ltd is able to provide a range of associated major componentry including manual, auto & cvt transmissions – with versions suitable for both transverse & longitudinal layouts. Transfer boxes and differentials are also available from the current Toyota range to match specific engine outputs. The larger engines which currently feature in some of Toyota’s mainstream products – the latest 3.5 litre V6 for instance – could be introduced later, potentially ‘re-cooled’ to provide a very viable marine power unit.

Aftermarket engines, particularly for industrial applications, require robust parts and service support – and DEE-Ltd is presently in discussions with third-party logistics and service providers to reinforce and expand its existing support requirements.